Looking for something outside of the box? Australian Roundhouses are a beautiful, flexible and unique building solution. Whether you need an extra room, a small office or a full-sized home, Australian Roundhouses will design and manufacture a kit to your suit your needs.

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All prices for our Roundhouses are currently under review due to changes to the NCC and BASIX"as of the 1st October 2023.

Additional Services

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Looking to relocate or renovate an existing Australian Roundhouse™ or Goulburn Yurtworks Studio or Home? Our team has extensive experience in not only the manufacture of new studios and homes but we have also completed many requests for relocations, renovations additions and maintenance to existing Australian Roundhouses™ and Goulburn Yurtworks structures. Contact our team for advice on your specific project.

Re-Roof/ Replacement Cupola Skylight

Re-Roof over existing asphalt tiles/ Replacement Cupola Skylight

Addition of Annexe – Goulburn Yurtworks 5.5m Sloping Wall Yurt Studio

Addition of Annexe to accommodate Add-A-Bathroom Pre-Moulded Fibreglass Bathroom Unit – Goulburn Yurtworks 5.5m Sloping Wall Yurt Studio