Looking for something outside of the box? Australian Roundhouses are a beautiful, flexible and unique building solution. Whether you need an extra room, a small office or a full-sized home, Australian Roundhouses will design and manufacture a kit to your suit your needs.

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All prices for our Roundhouses are currently under review due to changes to the NCC and BASIX"as of the 1st October 2023.


What is a studio?

A studio is a stand-alone single room Roundhouse. Available in four different sizes it is generally detached from other building structures.

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Do I need Council approval?

Regulations vary between Councils and it is necessary for you to enquire with your local authority

regarding development consents and building permits that may apply to the construction of a studio, dwelling or other structure on your property. Where Council Approval is required, the Australian Roundhouses™ team will arrange for the preparation of architectural plans and engineer specifications for your submission to Council.

Can Australian RoundhousesTM submit my Council application on my behalf?

Australian RoundhousesTM supply kits Australia wide and as regulations vary between States, localities and sites, it is recommended that the Owner obtain all necessary development consents and building permits that may apply.

Do you supply architectural plans and engineering for Council?

Yes. Once contracted, your floorplan is forwarded to our Architect and Engineer who will prepare your site-specific plans and specifications required for your submission to Council.

How long does the planning stage take? IE Design to Council Approval

Once contracts are executed and all site information is on hand (ie BAL Assessment, Geotech report, wind/ snow ratings etc), preparation of plans and specification for your submission to Council are ready within 4-6 weeks. On average, Council approval can be received within 6-8 weeks of submission, however this can vary between Councils.

Can we start manufacture prior to Council approval?

Unless you have an exempt structure, we refrain from proceeding to order of materials or manufacture without a copy of stamped approved plans. This is to ensure all National Construction Code standards relating to the kit components have been reviewed together with any additional Council requirements.

How long will my kit take once Council Approved plans are received?

Depending on the size of your project and manufacture queue at the time, manufacture can take between 4-6 weeks for a studio and 8 – 10 weeks for a Round House with additions.

Can Australian RoundhousesTM assemble my kit on site?
Can Australian Roundhouses fully construct my project?
What are Design Concepts?

Design concepts are suggested options for a Round House design. Architectural plans and engineering specifications have already been completed for these designs which can speed up the design process. The only information required from you are site reports such as Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment, Geotechnical/ Soil Test, Wind and/ or snow load ratings.

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Can I design my own floorplan?

Yes. Our design team can work together with you to create a custom design to suit your lifestyle and individual site requirements.

What is an annex?

An annex is the terminology used for the segments shown on a floor plan to create an extension or additional room from the Round House centre.

What is a BAL rating?

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a means of measuring the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact. It is measured in increments of radiant heat (expressed in kilowatts/m2) and assists the Builder in determining the correct fire resistance products and construction processes for the project.

The following websites may assist in determining your BAL rating and obtaining a report:



Why does Australian RoundhousesTM need my BAL report?

Whether you purchase a kit or choose a full construction option, Australian RoundhousesTM will ensure that the materials supplied comply with the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC).

The National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) sets out the minimum standards for construction and performance of buildings. Within this code is a list of technical provisions for products and construction processes relating to Bushfire resistance.

What is a geotechnical/ soil test report?

Geotechnical or soil classification reports are used to determine the correct footing details for your project which are then provided in your engineering specifications. The report will also be used by the on-site Builder and plumber to determine the correct selection and installation of a septic system (where required). Councils will refer to both the report and engineering specifications during the critical stage inspections of the construction process.

What about cyclone ratings and snow loadings?

Wind and/ or snow load ratings are discussed during the design consultation phase. Once architectural plans are complete, they are forwarded on to our engineer who will review and detail any National Construction Code requirements in the engineering specifications.

What is a Frame Kit?

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When would I buy a frame kit?

A frame kit is a great option for alternative constructions such hempcrete structures or flame zone sites where the majority of National Construction Code of Australia standards are completed on site.  It also reduces the cost of freight and risk of damage to additional kit items when being transported over long distances.

What does an “Unlined Lock Up Kit” include?

Link to Unlined Lock Up Kit inclusions

Can I choose alternative wall cladding?

Timber, Weathertex and Colorbond are the most popular however alternative clad can be sourced. Depending on the selected material it can either be pre-installed (as with our timber and Weathertex options) or supplied loose for installation on site. Kit options are discussed during the Design Consultation process.

Can I select my own windows and doors?

Yes. Aluminium framed sliding windows and timber doors are standard however there are many window and door upgrades to choose from.

How much is transport?

Freight is calculated on weight and dimensions of a load and will vary depending on the size of the Roundhouse, kit inclusions and distance travelled. When shipping interstate, we estimate $3.00 per kilometre (exc gst) however this can vary between freight companies. Quite often savings can be made when the purchaser arranges freight locally requesting a back load from Sydney or Canberra.